Password reset

Forgot your password?

I forgot my password, now what?

Well, we all hate it, this moment when you come across some login form and realize that you have not even a bit of an idea what password you used on your registration.
And because of that we integrated a simple way wich with you can reset your password.

How does it work?

As said, it is quite simple:
Just insert your email-address in here, the system will send you an email in wich you can find a link, clicking on it will you take to a page on wich you can reset your password.

Pay attention!!!

Since there are bad people around these days, wich get their money by fooling other people on the internet, here the most important rule for encaleo:
The ONLY emails we send to you are the following: Whenever you come across a page, in wich is CLEARLY STATED that an email has been sent to you and if someone accessed to your account from a device (computer, smartphone..), wich has never logged onto encaleo before.
We will NEVER EVER send you and email wich will take you to a form on wich you have to re-enter your credentials. NEVER EVER!
If you ever get such an email, instantly use the security-contact form (you can find the link on the main page in the site's footer) to contact our security department.