The official encaleo Wordpress widget is here!

With the Wordpress widget you can visualize your events on your own Wordpress-Website by simply installing a Widget and providing the App-ID and App-Key you can generate in the encaleo-administration.
Installation is simple:

  1. First, download the Wordpress Widget from our Server
  2. Make sure you generated at least one App-key forone of your Pages / Channels inside the encaleo administration, otherwise create one
  3. Install the Widget with the plugin-manager in Wordpress
  4. Add a widget instance in the Appearance / Widgets menu in your Wordpress administration
  5. Set the App-ID and App-Secret in the module configuration
  6. Set the options you like (map or coming-up events slider, start and end date..)
  7. That's it!

Do you need any help? Contact us: Support Area